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Flowers for companies - Rose Nook - your floral partner in business

Looking for floral inspiration for your business? At Rose Corner you'll find a wide range of floral services dedicated to businesses. From enlivening your office with flowers to decorations for corporate events and gifts for contractors, we will help you create a unique atmosphere and build a positive image of your company.

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Flower Box pastel love

This composition is the quintessence of...

Price zł159.00
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  • Medium zł199.00
  • Large zł299.00
  • Deluxe zł349.00
  • Small zł159.00
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Bouquet blooming ambrosia

Bathed in delicate shades of pink and peach, "Pink Fantasy" is a bouquet...

Price zł119.00
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  • Medium zł189.00
  • Large zł245.00
  • Deluxe zł289.00
  • Small zł119.00
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Pink fantasy bouquet

Bathed in delicate shades of pink and peach, "Pink Fantasy" is a bouquet...

Price zł99.00
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  • Medium zł149.00
  • Large zł189.00
  • Deluxe zł239.00
  • Small zł99.00
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Colorful cascade bouquet

A delightful bouquet of carnations, gerberas and roses in shades of...

Price zł79.00
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  • Medium zł119.00
  • Large zł169.00
  • Deluxe zł209.00
  • Small zł79.00
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Bouquet of 101 roses

The 101 roses bouquet is the perfect choice! This impressive bouquet...

Price zł290.00
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  • Medium zł690.00
  • Large zł890.00
  • Deluxe zł1,095.00
  • Small zł290.00
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Exclusive bouquet

Unique combination of red roses surrounded by elegant black paper Photo...

Price zł259.00
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  • Medium zł369.00
  • Large zł699.00
  • Deluxe zł849.00
  • Small zł259.00
  • New

A bouquet for any occasion

Harmonious combination of roses and eucalyptus, wrapped in elegant...

Price zł85.00
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  • Medium zł139.00
  • Large zł189.00
  • Deluxe zł245.00
  • Small zł85.00
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Tangerine bouquet

At the heart of the bouquet are flowers in shades of sunny orange -...

Price zł99.00
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  • Medium zł149.00
  • Large zł195.00
  • Deluxe zł249.00
  • Small zł99.00
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Bouquet of feminine delicacy

Full of harmony and charm, a collection of different colored flowers of...

Price zł115.00
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  • Medium zł159.00
  • Large zł209.00
  • Deluxe zł249.00
  • Small zł115.00
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A dream bouquet

"Dream Bouquet" is a harmonious composition of three colors of roses,...

Price zł139.00
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  • Medium zł189.00
  • Large zł239.00
  • Deluxe zł279.00
  • Small zł139.00
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A bouquet of the world's best

"The World's Best Bouquet" from Rose Corner is a harmonious composition...

Price zł173.00
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  • Medium zł249.00
  • Large zł295.00
  • Deluxe zł345.00
  • Small zł173.00
  • New

Bouquet from afar

The "Bouquet from Afar" from Rose Corner is a unique floral composition...

Price zł179.00
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  • Medium zł259.00
  • Large zł289.00
  • Deluxe zł319.00
  • Small zł179.00

Floral inspiration for business

Looking for a way to liven up your office, make a business meeting more pleasant or thank your contractors? At Rose Corner, you'll find floral inspirations for business that we'll tailor to your needs and budget.

Our suggestions for flowers for business:

  • Flowers for the office:
  • Flowering potted plants or elegant floral arrangements will add charm and freshness to any interior. Flowers
  • for corporate events
  • :
  • Flower decorations for conferences, trainings, banquets and other corporate events will emphasize the character of the event and create a unique atmosphere.
  • Business gifts :
  • Bouquets of flowers, flower boxes, gift sets with flowers and sweets - these are ideal gifts for contractors, employees or business partners.
  • Custom flowers:
  • We carry out individual orders for floral compositions tailored to the specifics of the company and the occasion.

Benefits for companies:

  • Professional service: Our experienced advisors will help you choose the perfect flowers and compositions for your needs.
  • Fast and timely delivery: We guarantee fast and safe flower delivery in Suwałki and surrounding areas.
  • Attractive prices :
  • We offer competitive prices and discounts for companies.

Trust Różan Zakątek and get a floral partner for your business!