Opieka nad grobami

The Różany Zakątek Local Florist offers professional grave care for residents of Suwałki and the surrounding area. Our team provides comprehensive service, including removing wilted flowers and old wreaths, tidying and raking the area around the grave, general tidying of the grave, raking leaves, removing all trash around the grave, disposing of burnt candles, sorting candles for refills, sorting wreaths, removing weeds, pruning branches and minor work to maintain and improve the appearance of the grave. We also offer a wide selection of flowers and decorations tailored to the individual needs and taste of our customers. We offer deliveries in Suwałki and the surrounding area up to 50 km. Contact us for more information and to order our grave care services.

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Mycie i woskowanie - pakiet...

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  • Nagrobek pojedynczy zł195.00
  • Nagrobek podwójny zł225.00
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Opieka nad grobem - mycie -...

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  • Nagrobek pojedynczy zł145.00
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Usługa podstawowa opieki...

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