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  • Pink surprise bouquet - Różany Zakątek Kwiaciarnia Suwałki

Pink surprise bouquet


Rose Corner Florist Suwałki offers unique bouquets, such as "Pink Surprise", symbolizing delicacy and grace. Our flowers, cultivated in a sustainable manner, are delivered locally in Suwałki and the surrounding areas, and are also available online for customers from all over Poland.

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Not just a bouquet, but emotions in pink!

Did you know that the pink color symbolizes delicacy, grace, and innocence? By choosing our bouquet "Pink Surprise", you're not just giving beautiful flowers, but also conveying all these positive emotions.

Why "Pink Surprise"?

  • Variety in one bouquet: A composition of pink flowers with floral greens, wrapped in elegant florist paper.
  • Surprise for every occasion: Perfect for birthdays, name days, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, weddings, or simply to bring joy to someone.
  • On-site advice: Don't know how to care for flowers? Our team is happy to advise on how to maintain the bouquet for as long as possible.

Benefits you'll appreciate

  • Comprehensive offer: From cut flowers, through succulents, to gift sets. Everything in one place!
  • Local delivery: For those who value their time. We deliver bouquets right to your door in Suwałki and the surrounding areas.
  • Sustainable cultivation: We care for the environment. Our flowers grow in an ecological and sustainable manner.
  • Uniqueness: Non-standard bouquets and air plants for those looking for something special.

Questions and answers

Can I customize the bouquet to my needs? Of course! Contact us, and we'll create a bouquet according to your wishes.

Do you offer delivery throughout Poland? We deliver flowers in Suwałki and surrounding areas. If you plan to send a bouquet further - contact us.

How to care for the bouquet to last as long as possible? Regularly change the water in the vase and avoid direct sunlight. Find more tips on our blog.

Add-ons worth adding

Don't forget our add-ons! Fertilizers for flowers, soil, pot covers or gift sets. Everything to make your flowers last as long as possible.

Pink flowers symbolize delicacy, grace, and innocence. They are perfect for those who want to express feelings of love, gratitude, or sympathy. The color pink is also associated with youth, joy, and happiness, which is why pink flowers are often chosen for various occasions.

We invite you to the Rose Corner Florist Suwałki - a place where flowers speak louder than a thousand words.

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Our florist offers delivery within the city of Suwałki and within a radius of 70km. Orders are processed 7 days a week, and delivery within the city is free for orders over 150 zł. Delivery details >

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Cut Flowers

  • Trim the stems: Frequent trimming of the ends of cut flower stems (even daily) is key to extending their lifespan.
  • Change the water frequently: Never keep cut flowers in stale and spoiled water.
  • Use flower nutrients: To affect the longer lifespan of cut flowers, various substances that prolong their durability, such as flower nutrients, can be added to the water in the vase.
  • Stems without leaves: Remember that only stems should be submerged in water, while leaves inside the vase should be cut off.
  • Place the vase in the right place: Avoid placing the bouquet in strong sun, strong wind or near radiators.
  • Maintain the right air temperature: In warm rooms, flowers in a vase will develop faster.

Flower Boxes

  • Watering: Just gently part the flowers in the composition and add water with a thin stream.
  • Location: Do not place flower boxes near heat sources or fruit bowls.
  • Fertilizing: A few drops of cut flower nutrients can be added to the water.

Potted Flowers

  • Watering: Water the flowers regularly, but moderately.
  • Fertilizing: The soil loses nutritional values over time. It is worth using fertilizers.
  • Pruning: Remove dried, yellowed leaves, as they also absorb water, which hinders the development of the healthy part of the plant.
  • Location: One plant is good to put in a strongly sunlit place, others grow better in greater dimming.

If you need help and advice, you can send a message to our flower specialists message.

Różany Zakątek Florist is a place where floral specialists create true works of art. Our kraft bouquets, made from the highest quality flowers, are a symbol of our passion and commitment. Each bouquet is unique, just like the unique moments we help to celebrate. Our mission is to deliver beauty and joy through flowers. Read reviews about us

We understand that flowers are special. Each species has its season, and each florist has their unique style. Therefore, the bouquets we deliver may slightly differ from the presented patterns. But don’t worry! Any change is made with the thought of maintaining the aesthetics and harmony of the composition.

If the ordered flowers are not available, we will contact you and propose an alternative. In case of absence of one of the flowers in the ordered bouquet, we reserve the right to replace it with another one, of a similar tone and value, to maintain the timeliness of delivery.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that the delivered flowers will be as grand and aesthetic as the bouquet pattern visible in the photo.

In addition, we offer various gifts (chocolates, treats, mascots, cakes, coffee, etc.), which can be ordered together with the floral composition. The choice of a specific product is left in the hands of the florist fulfilling the order, always in accordance with the value of the order.

Różany Zakątek Florist guarantees that we will make every effort to ensure that the ordered flowers are delivered in a form, style, and color most similar to the chosen bouquet. We are glad that we can be part of your special moments.