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Brighten Your Day with Our Stunning Marguerites - Shop Now

Our "Marguerites" category is the place to find unique marguerites for any occasion. We offer a wide selection of marguerite bouquets in various colors and varieties that will surely appeal to you or the recipient. You can also choose an elegant basket or box of marguerites that will surely impress the recipient. There are also potted marguerites and marguerite arrangements that will decorate any room. All of our marguerites are fresh and carefully selected, so you can be sure that your gift will be unique. Place your order today and enjoy the joy of the recipient.

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Love moment bouquet

The "Miłosna Chwila" bouquet from Różany Zakątek is a symphony of...

Price zł109.00
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  • Medium zł145.00
  • Large zł189.00
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  • Small zł109.00

Flower box flowers in bloom

Our flower box "Flowers of bloom" is a composition full of colours...

Price zł99.00
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  • Medium zł132.00
  • Large zł169.00
  • Deluxe zł205.00
  • Small zł99.00

Bouquet time in love

The "Time for Love" bouquet from Różany Zakątek Kwiaciarnia...

Price zł89.00
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  • Medium zł125.00
  • Large zł169.00
  • Deluxe zł199.00
  • Small zł89.00

Vietnamese jungle bouquet

The "Vietnamese Jungle" bouquet from Różany Zakątek transports you to...

Price zł135.00
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  • Medium zł175.00
  • Large zł225.00
  • Deluxe zł299.00
  • Small zł135.00

Yellow mi bouquet

Różany Zakątek Florist in Suwałki presents a unique bouquet...

Price zł98.00
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  • Medium zł137.00
  • Large zł178.00
  • Deluxe zł232.00
  • Small zł98.00

Bouquet in Wonderland

The Wonderland Bouquet from Rose Nook is more than just...

Price zł119.00
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  • Medium zł169.00
  • Large zł209.00
  • Deluxe zł279.00
  • Small zł119.00