Delivery of flowers and bouquets

Find out how much flower delivery costs and trace the path of your bouquet before it reaches the recipient.

What does the flower delivery process look like?

You've probably wondered more than once what the flower delivery process at our florist looks like before it reaches your hands, and how do we do it so that bouquets are delivered even in 60 minutes? The key to success is a properly prepared system that we have developed and implemented in our flower shop.

We deliver flowers every day. Our flower couriers deliver dozens of flower arrangements. The flower delivery procedure usually looks the same, at least the beginning. You place an order - by one of the selected methods. You intuitively choose additional options like extras or the content of the ticket. Next ... the real adventure of your bouquet begins, consisting of 3 simple stages! Follow the path of your floral delivery, with the help of an infographic.

dostawa kwiatów suwałki

Quick information

Is the florist open on Sunday?

Yes. Różany Zakątek Kwiaciarnia Suwałki is open on Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We mark changes in business hours on our Google business card and our Facebook profile

How much does flower delivery to Suwałki cost?

It is free at mwz. 150zl, below this amount we charge 14.90zl for flower delivery in Suwalki area

Where do we deliver flowers outside of Suwałki?

We do it for a fee within a radius of 50 km (and more on customer request). Flower delivery prices vary with distance

  • Delivery
  • to 10km from Suwałki: PLN 19.90
  • Delivery to 20km from Suwałki:
  • 34.90 zł
  • Delivery up to 30km from Suwałki:
  • 49.90 zł
  • Delivery to 40km from Suwałki: 64.90 zł
  • Delivery to 50km from Suwałki: 79.90 zł
Courier damaged flowers, now what?

We take care of safety during transport of flowers. However, if such a situation occurs, then we offer a favorable solution for the customer. Most often it is a refund or repair with a discount of the order.

I would like the bouquet to arrive today, by what time can I place the order?

We deliver flowers 24 hours a day, but delivery after 8pm is an additional option for which you must pay extra. When placing your order, select the delivery date and time.

I scheduled flower delivery for a specific day, but plans have changed, what can I do?

If our florist in Suwalki or a florist with whom we cooperate has not incurred costs with the implementation of the order, you can freely modify or even cancel the order without consequences.


  • in order to be sure that the flowers will reach the addressee, please carefully fill out the order form, which is displayed when selecting a bouquet. If certain, additional, information will help us reach the addressee faster, please provide it in the order.
  • Providing the recipient's phone number is necessary to determine a convenient date and place of delivery.
  • when sending flowers during periods of increased shopping such as Christmas, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, please take this into account and place your
  • order in advance.
  • We reserve the right to change some flowers if they are seasonally unavailable. We assure you that these changes do not affect the appearance and price of the bouquet.