Give the gift of joy with helium balloons!

Helium balloons are the perfect gift and decoration for any occasion. With us you can fill any balloons with helium - your own or bought from our florist. We add a colorful ribbon to each balloon. Check out our range of ready-made helium balloons in various shapes and sizes.

The most important information about filling balloons with helium

Helium balloon filling is a service that will keep your balloons floating for up to 14 days. The price of filling one balloon is only 15,10zl.

You can pick up helium balloons in person from our Rose Corner florist or use our delivery service. We deliver balloons in Suwałki and surrounding areas for free if your order exceeds PLN 150. Delivery usually takes up to 60 minutes, but we recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance.

If you would like to order helium balloons or learn more about our offer, please contact us. You can call[507-771-954], write to [] or fill outthe [contact form] on our website. We look forward to receiving your application!

Important information when pumping helium balloons

Note: Not every balloon floats in the air after filling with helium. In order for the balloon to float in the air after filling with helium, it should be the right size. Before buying balloons on the Internet outside of our florist, make sure that the balloon is the right size, whose surface is able to float it.

The floating time of helium balloons depends on many factors, such as:

  • size and shape of the balloon
  • quality of the balloon and helium
  • weather and temperature
  • type of balloon (foil, rubber, etc.).

Helium balloons last from several to 14 days, depending on these factors.

Price list for filling foil and latex balloons with helium (Suwałki offer)

for foil and late
35cm - 49cm (14" - 19") 15,50
49cm - 62cm (20" - 24
22,00 zł
63cm - 69cm (25" - 27") 26,00 zł
70cm - 91cm (28" - 36") 31,00
92cm - 105cm (37" - 41") 38,
106cm - 113cm (42" - 45
114cm - 127cm (46" - 50

Q&A about helium balloons

Can every balloon be filled with helium?

No, not every balloon is suitable for filling with helium. In order for a balloon to float in the air when inflated with helium, it must be the right size and made of the right material. Usually, balloons suitable for helium inflation have a special marking on the package.

What are the types of helium balloons?

We can distinguish between two types of balloons that can be filled with helium: foil balloons and latex (rubber) balloons. Foil balloons are more durable and float longer than latex balloons, but they are also more expensive and less flexible. Latex balloons are cheaper and easier to mold, but they lose helium faster and deflate.

How long do helium balloons float?

How long a helium balloon floats depends on many factors, such as:

  • the
  • type and quality of the balloon and helium
  • the size and shape of the balloon
  • the temperature and humidity of
  • the
  • air
  • how the balloon is used and stored.

In general, it can be assumed that foil balloons float from 5 to 7 days, and latex balloons from 8 to 12 hours. To extend the floating time of latex balloons, a special sealing gel can be used to extend the life of the balloons to 7-10 days.

What are the minimum dimensions for balloons to fly when filled with helium?

The minimum dimensions for balloons to fly after filling with helium depend on the shape and type of balloon. Here are examples:

  • Balloon
  • shapes to fly should be a minimum of 18" (~46cm).
  • Balloon shapes with a cutout in the center to fly should be a minimum of 24" (~60cm).
  • Balloon numbers and letters to fly should be a minimum of 26" (~66cm)
  • .

How to fill the balloons with helium?

To fill the balloons with helium, you need a helium bottle and a special tip for inflating the balloons. You can buy a helium bottle from a party supply store or rent one from us. To fill the balloon with helium, all you need to do is:

  • Attach the tip to the helium bottle and unscrew the valve. Place
  • the balloon on the tip and press it down to let the helium into the balloon. Release
  • the tip when the balloon reaches the desired size and tie the balloon.
  • Tie the balloon to a ribbon and a weight to keep it from flying away
  • .

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