Różany Zakątek florist delivers bouquets in accordance with the designs presented in the photos in the online florist www.rzkwiaty.pl and in the catalogs available in partner florists included in the cooperation program. Your order is processed by Różany Zakątek florists in accordance with the current rules of online work, and the bouquet is made by a local florist to the highest standard provided by our company.

Please bear in mind that flowers are a special product. Due to the seasonality of some species and due to the fact that each professional florist has an individual style of arranging compositions, the bouquets delivered may deviate minimally from their patterns. Arranging flowers is an art for many of our partners, and they are people with an extremely sensitive aesthetic sense: possible changes will never be carried out in a way that is detrimental to the impression drawn from the composition. If the ordered flowers are not available due to their seasonality, we contact the ordering party and propose a new composition.

If only one of the flowers included in the ordered bouquet is missing, we reserve the right to replace it with another one in a similar tone and of the same value in order to maintain timely delivery. In accordance with the principle of Satisfaction Guarantee, we ensure that the delivered flowers will be as magnificent and aesthetically pleasing as the bouquet template shown in the photo.

Gifts presented to you (chocolates, treats, mascots, cakes, coffee, etc.), which can be ordered together with the flower arrangement, are suggestions of the products in question. For this reason, for example, the type of wine or chocolates will be chosen by the florist carrying out the order, but always according to the value of the order. The baskets visible in the photos included in the gifts are sample baskets.

Rosy Zakątek florist store in Suwalki guarantees that it will do its best to deliver the ordered flowers in the form, style and color most similar to the bouquet that was selected on the website www.rzkwiaty.pl or in the catalog.